Find Inexpensive Accommodations

 This was home for us in Uzés France for 3 weeks... For free :) 

Food, shelter, and good company are all you need to enjoy this life, everything else is just a distraction.....

Let us help you find some shelter for your next adventure.

The key to finding great lodging arrangements is found at the intersection of comfort, relaxation, and a low price tag.   

These resources have helped us get everything from 14 weeks of free stays to a 4 bedroom condo 2 minutes from the beach on the beautiful Island of Kauai. 



If you've followed any of our latest travels, you know we are a huge fans of house sitting. We stayed in New York City, France, Spain, London, and Portugal for 10 weeks and didn't pay a dime for accommodations!

What is it?: House sitting is when you watch someone's house, plants, and almost always their pets while they vacation, in exchange for a free stay. Sounds pretty rad right? Here's the catch.... The tradeoff 

Comfort: Assuming you like pets and don't mind going for the occasional daily stroll continue reading. The type of comfort here is different than plush pillows and crisp sheets. Usually you'll stay in small suburbs rather than next to the Eiffel Tower. You get the feeling of being more a local than in any other travel situation. You live like a local while you walk the dog and you'll look somewhat like a local doing it. You not only ask the question "I wonder what it would be like to live [insert house-sit location here]?", but you get to answer it too.

Relaxation: Even though it's free, it still comes with a price. If you find relaxation by going somewhere in the world without any sense of responsibility or just want to turn your brain off, than this is NOT for you. You're responsible for not only keeping yourself alive but plants and animals too! Most pet owners aren't too keen on you leaving their animals for 9 hours a day to check out the nearby scenery. 

Price: Honestly we've been saying it's free this whole time and it pretty much is.... after you pay the sign up feeThe sign on fee is $140 for a year's membership to the site. This is our affiliate link to is the site we've had the most luck with when we were in Europe. Click on the link to save you're self $20 bucks and hook us up with 2 months on the site.

Overall house sitting is definitely out of the norm when it comes to traveling. That's why we suggest doing a trial run with a house sit as close to your home as possible just to test the waters before heading overseas. Sign up and give yourself a different type of adventure all for the price of one night at a decent hotel.

If you want to learn more about house sitting check out our training video to help you get started!



AirBnb isn't the latest news when it comes to finding accommodations at a bargain price. With a little bit of homework and planning this and VRBO (mentioned below) are the best combination of comfort, relaxation, and price tag.  If you are staying somewhere for longer than 3 days look here. Any less, you might be better at a hotel! 

What is it?: People post their homes, spare rooms, and condos for short term and long term rent. It's usually much much cheaper than a Hotel, plus you can get a kitchen to help you make a late night snack on your terms! 

Comfort: With all the filters that AirBnb's puts at your finger tips you can chose your own adventure with this one! Just make sure you check the reviews so you don't get any sketch faces. 

Relaxation: Location, luxury, and pool time can make any vacation very relaxing but you will more than likely pay for it. Still we've stayed in some really nice places at a very cheap price, it just took us a while to search and find a good place for us!

Price: It's cheaper than most hotels and it's definitely more expensive than house sitting but I'm sure you can find yourself a good fit for a get away. We're happy to offer a win win situation for you! Click hereto get a discount on your first stay and it contributes to our AirBnb fund ;)  

Another way to save with Airbnb is if you book a place for a week or a month at a time. We have seen properties discounted as much as 40% when booking for a month.




It's very similar to AirBnb so we will keep this short and sweet!

We used VRBO to rent out a 4 bedroom condo in Kauai for a week at a beautiful price point of $340/couple.


What is it?:  It's like the unpopular, sometimes less expensive version of Airbnb.

Comfort & Relaxation: See AirBnb description. It's legitimately the same.

Price: It's cheaper than AirBnb in some circumstances. A lot of people who post their properties on Airbnb also do so on VRBO and it's usually at a lower price point. Check here first before going to Airbnb! 

We don't have a win-win for you here but if you click here and book it helps us stay on the road longer :)