Find Inexpensive Flights

 Taken by Sarah on our flight to France

Welcome to the land of travel hacking.... 

A travel hacker uses credit card perks, web apps, and booking tricks to purchase extremely cheap flights. 

An example: We got the following tickets all for $204.51/person or $409.02 Total!

SLC --> PA: Free, NYC -> Ireland -> France: $18.56(taxes),  France --> Spain: $37.12 + Mitch’s mistake $83.22 , Spain --> London: $87.59, London --> Portugal: $61.86, 
London --> Boise, Idaho: $120.67

Pretty insane right?! 

Travel hacking is something that anyone can learn how to do and honestly you should learn how to do it! If you don't, you're probably overspending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on flights. 

You can do what we did and "Google It" to only be taken down the long road of blog posts, suggestions and tips or you can take the short cut an find everything you need in one place.  

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This is by far our favorite and in our opinion, this is best app out there! We rarely find bargains that are better or that can match those that are presented in Skyscanner. 

Skyscanner has an explore feature that is the bee's knees. This app searches a lot of the budget airlines that don't show up on most search platforms. The unique explore feature allows you to search for the best priced flights between countries or anywhere in the world. It also allows you to find the cheapest flight during any time in the year.

For example, when we were planning our flights out to Europe, we plugged our "fly from" destination as the United States and set the "fly to" as everywhere. Then you click "Start Exploring". In the next window click on "Dates" and select a month that you have the most travel flexibility. On mobile you can click "Anytime" and see flight prices to anywhere through the whole year! The trick is getting to the airports that are having the best deals! We found flights from NYC to Belfast, UK for $98 per person on Norwegian airlines. Our issue was we had to get to NYC and ended up paying more for the flights out to New York than for the actual flights overseas! 

If you're flexible on travel dates and airports Skyscanner is bound to help you find a steal of a deal! 




We check this and Skyscanner first before I go to any other site or app. We found a steal of a deal on our flights to Kauai using Momondo! I suggest searching here as one of your first steps to booking a bargain. 




Google Flights is the only website that we consider a rival to Skyscanner. It allows you to go one step broader than Skyscanner and search regions. You have to be more specific on the "fly from" side of the search but you could search for flights to Europe or the Caribbean and it would pull up all the flights to those regions from cheapest to most expensive.

Side note: You can only search for round trips on explore page of Google. Skyscanner allows you to search for one-way flights. 




These sites are for those of you who are flexible to travel  and love cheapest deals. We suggest signing up for their email lists to get notified about the craziest prices you'll see.  If you don't book within 24 hours of the deal being posted, It's very likely that it no longer is available so act fast.


Learn more about Travel Hacking in our free training video!