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All of the things we love for travel, work, and Play!

The purpose of this page is to share what we use to travel abroad. This is all the tech gear, luggage, and information that helped us get around the world. We did some very in depth research for 98% of all of our gear before purchasing it. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about your up coming purchases!

If you want to see a list of exactly what we packed, check out our packing lists!

Oh! Just a heads up, some of the items on this page contain affiliate links that give us some sort compensation so we can stay on the road longer! Thank you!


Sarah's Packing Lists


Mitch's Packing Lists



Away Carry On


If you're in the market for new luggage, start here. It's guaranteed for LIFE, you get 100 day trial run, plus it comes with a nifty USB charge built into it for those longer airport stays. 

Click on the picture to save your self $20  bucks off of the already incredibly low price for roller bags. 

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack


Sarah rocks the 45L and Mitch the 35L. It's meets the size specifications for carry on luggage and is extremely versatile. We hate to check bags on because it gets expensive quickly and who likes to wait for your bags to come around the carousel? We fit everything from our packing lists into these bags and one small duffel. Here is our affiliate link: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

Matador Freerain24 Backpack


Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

Matador is a pretty rad company. Their customer service is unreal and their gear is cool enough to be on batman's utility belt. These backpacks pack down to the size of an apple and a large Arizonian grapefruit making them fit easily into our Tortuga bags. 

We bought these bags for the purposes of hikes, beach days, and to trek through cities. We didn't want to carry our large Tortuga bags or have to unpack them so these bags are perfect for day trips and weekend get aways. They are made with superb quality and we've fallen in love with what the brand stands for! #putyourselfoutthere 



MacBook Pro 13'' 

If you couldn't tell, we're Apple people and everything we do for work is done on our Macbook Pros! The Macbook is durable and reliable. If your thinking about getting one but aren't really sure what will be the best for you, drop Mitch a line, he can help! He worked at Apple's retail stores for 3 years and will do his best to send you in the right direction. 


iPhone 7 & 7 PLus

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case 

iPhones are a travelers best friend.  Cool Tip: If your running iOS 11 you can ask Siri to translate English to Mandarin, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. 

The smart battery case is seriously a life saver on long travel days for those who don't have the iPhone plus models. This case allows you to binge on as many Netflix shows as you want while on your long flight and still have enough left over for the rest of the day.

Sarah loves the iPhone 7 plus for photography. She takes all of our Traveloars photos on her phone so if you liked any of our Instagram photos, she deserves all the photo cred ;) 


BeatsX Wireless



Get yourself a good pair of wireless headphones. Trust us on this one, Wireless makes all the difference not just in your travels but in everyday life. 

Mitch rocks the Airpods and swears they're the best headphones he's ever owned. His favorite thing about them is the long battery life! Cool Feature: You can use just one pod at a time so you can still know whats going on around you. 

Sarah sports the BeatsX and loves them! Her favorite thing is how comfortable they are! Cool Feature: It uses the same charger as your iPhone so you don't have to pack anything extra.


T-Mobile has contract free plans with free international data and text messaging in over 120 countries!  All calls only cost $.20 cents a minute unless you are on wifi. The speed is quite a bit slower than at home but it gets the job done! 

International travel Adapters 

We use these things EVERYDAY. This little do-hicky has all the conversions you need for outlets from the USA to Asia. Pick one up before you leave because they are way more expensive and harder to find in your destination than on Amazon at home. 


This is a portable monitor. It is awesome. If you need two displays for work this is what you should get for the road. Sarah uses it for the work she does for TSheets!

Portable Audio Mic

If you need to do anything with audio on the road this is the mic to get! We use it for recording interviews and our course!

Back up


Hard Drive


Get a back up for everything just in case something happen's. We back up our computers and photos.

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Here are the books, podcasts, and blogs that have inspired us


Kindle for Mac


Read this first! This book shattered our world and helped us build a foundation for understanding how long term travel is possible! It helped us make our mind up of how and where we wanted travel to fit into our lives. 

Read this second! A legendary book right here. Tim Ferriss is like pretty much the Godfather when it comes to long term traveling, challenging the norm, and shattering your understanding of whats possible! 

This book will make you feel like a superhero and that you can do anything you set your mind to! It empowers you with the mindset you'll need to make big decisions, shatter barriers, and change your life!



Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast


by Travis Sherry 

Let us introduce you to Jason and Trav. To say they have had a massive influence on our lives would be an understatement. They have given us a great foundation to build our lifestyle on plus they have connected us with some amazing like minded people through their community Location Indie! We are so grateful to them and the amazing support and inspiration they give us and thousands of others each and every episode :) 


Blogs and Vlogs

Our Home on Wheels

Kara and Nate

This a link to our interview with them! Check out their videos too!

The Bucket list Family 

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